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Latest News

Latest News


Underground Sounds Vol. 1

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NeZoomie here with a banging 130 bpm self described “electronic house” track helping to “keep things disco”. This wonderfully melodic track brings you back to that electric 80’s feel and combines more modern elements of electro house which helps to add some serious flare and a hard hitting punch.

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Kurk Kokane one of Play Me Records newest faces dropped this freebie a few days back and it’s a slamming bass heavy monster capable of bringing out the darker side. Reminds me a lot of the older Datsik and Excision releases. Enjoy!

Support KURK KOKANE– | Facebook |Soundcloud

Georg Monev here getting a little crazy with this re-work of Avicii’s wildly popular track. The twist on this however isn’t so much a new style or quirky placement of those signature vocals but rather taking the melody and playing it all in reverse. Who knew that something so simple could really spice this played-out track up. Feeling like you should just skip over this? Don’t, take a chance and hear for yourself!

Support George Monev– | Facebook |Soundcloud

This banging rework from KDREW gets going quick and rolls into a sublime down-tempo vocal set while at the same time increasing intensity and ultimately providing a fantastic climax that will please any followers of Adventure Club or any other melodic Dubstep producer.

Support KDrew – | Facebook |Soundcloud

PrototypeRaptor has graced us with a superb electro house track that starts off with a heavy hitting funky beat similar to that of Mord Fustang and some of the earlier works of Porter Robinson. It’s a super feel good track that breaks away from a monotonous 4 x 4 style and creates something unique in each measure and line. Complextro lovers this will be right up your alley.

Support PrototypeRaptor– | Facebook |Soundcloud

House guru Brian Bacchus has been making a name for himself lately. With an ever spreading influence around the midwest region he’s been expanding his talents and taking himself to new heights with his house mixes. This is the 10th edition of his Summit Sessions mixtapes in which he glosses over a variety of unknown and well known house artists. For anyone that likes House music and it’s many sub genres be prepared to fall in love. Carl Cox and Hardwell lovers should enjoy this.

Support Brian Bacchus– | Facebook |Soundcloud

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1 comment

  1. Brian Bacchus - July 9, 2012 6:11 pm

    Thanks very much for the shout out! I’m flattered to be featured with all of this great talent!