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Kaskade- Room For Happiness feat. skylar Grey (AFSHeeN Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

{Dubstep/Electro} Kaskade- Room For Happiness feat. skylar Grey (AFSHeeN Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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AFSHeeN’s remix of Kaskades immensely popular track is a refreshing take and breathes life into a currently played out song. For one, he took a highly remixed song and broke away from the saturation and created something unique and intriguing. It takes serious perspective to be able to break the mold. This track starts off with a slowed-down chill version with Skylar Grey’s lovely vocals hovering above deep, melodic bass lines. About a minute and twenty seconds into the song it takes an upward spike of energy that continues on throughout the rest of the song, perfectly juggling harmonic vocals and a plethora of catchy synths and a rolling bass line.
The two songs below are from his latest EP and showcase both his electro and dubstep production talent. “Tinged with Machine” brings more of AFSHeeN’s great knack for Dubstep and lovely vocals while “Words” is a fiery electro track that combines chopped vocals and kick-ass down-tempo melody with a very hungry, growling bass line.

Purchase the “Nightmares In Paradise” EP here:

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